Jennifer Aniston Shocks Conan O'Brien with Sex Toy Necklace


Jennifer Aniston got Conan O'Brien blushing on Thursday when she bluntly started talking about the sex toy she's seen wearing around her neck in Horrible Bosses 2.

The late-night host flashed a photo up on the screen of the 45-year-old actress dressed as her Horrible sex-crazed character, Dr. Julia Harris, D.D.S., and from there, the conversation became a little x-rated.

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Conan asks if Aniston's necklace in the photo included a monocle, but the actress is quick to set the record straight. "Oh that's a c**k ring," she says bluntly, putting Conan in a state of shock. "It looks big," he quips.

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"Was that your acting choice?" the host inquires. "It was an active choice," she replies.

Seeing that Conan is still in shock, Aniston adds, "It was one of those things where they lay out the jewelry, and I gravitated towards that beautiful piece of jewelry."

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She further recalls, "They said 'Great, you chose the c**k ring'. And I was like, 'I'm sorry, come again?'"

After all that dirty talk, Aniston still manages to throw one more expletive into the conversation, "We're just sayin' all sorts of sh** on this show," she declares.

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The A-lister -- who's engaged to Justin Theroux -- has been showing her wilder side on the talk-show circuit lately. Check her out on The Ellen DeGeneres Show doing an impersonation of Kim Kardashian.