'Peter Pan Live!' Ratings Drop, Minnie Driver Says 'Hardly Anything Went Wrong'

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Minnie Driver played grown-up Wendy Darling in NBC's Peter Pan Live!, but unfortunately, she didn’t get to fly. Instead, the About a Boy star provided the show’s narration and in the end, watched as Peter and her character's young daughter flew off into the night.

Despite a flurry of Internet reactions during the telecast, the three-hour musical event pulled in 9.1 million viewers – a good showing for a primetime program, but still less than half the number of people who tuned in for last December’s The Sound of Music Live! with Carrie Underwood.

Though she was backstage at the show, Driver is keeping quiet about any technical mishaps that might have happened during NBC’s second live musical event.

"I’ll never tell," she told ET, but insisted there were no major malfunctions. "Astonishingly, there was hardly anything that went wrong."

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In addition to NBC sitcom About a Boy, Driver is also starring in The Red Tent, a Bible-based miniseries which begins airing on Lifetime this Sunday.

"It is really the story of women who are mentioned in the Bible but you never hear their story," the actress told ET.

The Red Tent
isn't Driver's first role for Lifetime. Earlier this year, she talked to ET about her starring role in Return to Zero, a part the actress called the hardest thing she's ever done. 

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