Amy Poehler on the Joys of Writing Topless: It Relaxes Me


Amy Poehler certainly took to unconventional tactics for completing her new book Yes Please!

The 43-year-old comedian revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that writing topless is the technique that works for her.

"I find that writing topless relaxes me," Poehler said on Monday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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Poehler explained that she most likely stumbled upon this discovery randomly and just stuck with it.

"I think it was probably accidental, like I was out of the shower and I was like: 'I have to finish this thing' and then I was like, 'This feels really good,'" Poehler said. "Then as I was writing the book ... as you know, when you're writing a book, you're like, 'Anything to get you inspired to write.'"

Right now Poehler and the rest of the Parks and Recreation cast are shooting the final episodes of the NBC comedy. When all is said and done they will have turned in 125 episodes, and Poehler said they plan to celebrate with a dance party, which may or may not just be Poehler dancing alone in a trailer.

"We have dance parties in our trailer after lunch," Poehler said. "When I say 'we' it's usually me trying to get people to do it. It's just me like, 'Dance party starting, you guys -- five minutes.' And everybody's like, 'We're good.' ... but, yeah, we're going to dance."

Let's just hope she keeps her top on for those!

The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs weekdays. Parks and Recreation returns to NBC for its farewell season on Jan. 13 at 8/7c.

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