Joaquin Phoenix Engaged to His Yoga Instructor ...or Is He?

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Joaquin Phoenix told David Letterman he was making wedding plans, but was that just another one of his Late Show jokes?

The Inherent Vice star revealed he was engaged during a visit to CBS' The Late Show With David Letterman on Monday, telling the longtime late-night host that he was planning to wed his yoga instructor, whom he did not identify.

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But, in his story, the relationship started off in a less than normal way.

The 40-year-old actor shared that of one of his first meetings with his alleged fiancee involved a lot of "thrusting" and "pulling." He then began describing and demonstrating in great detail the complicated yoga and breathing exercises, one of which included him using a harness, "the harnessing of the hog."

"This is the crazy part of the story. We started dating. And I think she's the one," Joaquin said. "I proposed to her and she said yes."

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After a surprisedLettermanprobed for more details on the engagement, Phoenix confirmed his intentions to walk down the aisle. "If everything works out, but yeah, it appears… so far, so good," he said.

Back in 2009, Joaquin – who earlier this year was romantically linked to DJ Allie Telitz – made one of the most bizarre appearances ever on the Late Show, which turned out to be for the 2010 Casey Affleck-directed mockumentary I’m Still Here.

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"David Letterman was not in on the joke," Joaquin revealed in a recent Playboy interview. "But look, David Letterman is one of the smartest guys on television. There's no way that guy doesn't know what's going on in some way. That's what I'll say about it."

It appears Phoenix has pulled one over on Letterman once again. Tuesday morning, the actor appeared on both Good Morning America and Kelly and Michael Live!, and revealed that he is not in fact engaged, but claimed he was only joking. 

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This time last year, Joaquin was making the rounds for his critically-lauded Her. Check out his interview with ET below!