This Awesome Little Girl at Disney World Schooled Gaston for Being Sexist



The best part of Disney World is that the actors never break character. You’re never going to hear Cruella de Vil talk about how much she loves puppies, or see Captain Hook sending Snapchats to Peter Pan.

Which makes this encounter between a little girl named Isabella and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast that much better. It starts when Gaston points out Isabella’s name is similar to the aforementioned beauty, bragging, “My girl’s name is Belle. She’s going to marry me today.”

Isabella was having none of it:


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Which is when Gaston busts out his best misogynistic, Gaston-y banter: “I don’t know where this girl came from, but somebody needs to put her back in the kitchen right now," he quips. Which only riled this little feminist up even more.


That’s when the real schooling starts. In the end, Isabella gets the last word (of course) and Gaston has to admit to onlookers, "I’m disgraced. Publicly humiliated...I’ve been outdone by a girl. A short one!”

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The video has now been viewed 2 million times. Watch the exchange below:

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