Lorde Reveals Her 'Embarrassing' Love of Dumpster Diving

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The 'Royals' singer reveals how she's gotten 'amazing furniture, shoes, hats' and more from rummaging through trash.

Despite huge album sales, a number of hit singles and near-universal acclaim, Lorde apparently still finds enjoyment in rummaging through other people's discarded belongings.

The New Zealand-born singer/songwriter has the kind of career most artists can only dream of – from Grammy nominations to curating the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 -- and she's managed to accomplish all of it by 18.

But according to an interview with The Telegraph, the "Yellow Flicker Beat" singer explains that the fame hasn't gotten to her head.

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"See, I'm boring because my favorite thing to do is trawl the inorganics," Lorde said, referring to a New Zealand recycling program that collects furniture, appliances, clothes, art and other inorganic rubbish. The discarded items are taken to a landfill where the public is allowed to pick through them and take what they want.

"It stays on the street for a few days and then it's collected and put into a landfill somewhere," Lorde explained. "But people drive around and go through other people's household rubbish. And, honestly, I've gotten amazing furniture, shoes, hats, jackets… I did this three weeks ago! [I'm] recognized every single time. [It's] so embarrassing!"

But her fancy version of dumpster diving isn't the only way in which she rebels against the conventional image of a pop star. She's also known for her conservative fashion choices, and reticence when it comes to making red carpet appearances.

However, she makes it clear that her style choices are not a critique of her pop-star peers, who may show more skin.

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"The stuff that I feel comfortable in, and beautiful and cool and strong in, is different to what this pop star or this indie musician feels comfortable in," Lorde explained. "I put on a suit and I'm like, 'I'm a badass!' And that to me is my daring. But if it happened to be a bra and undies that made me feel that way, why deny yourself that? In a world that is trying to tell women all the time that you can't have something that you want for whatever reason."

Lorde released "Yellow Flicker Beat,"
her original song for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, back in September. Mockingjay opened on Nov. 21, and has maintained the top spot at the box office for the last three weekends, earning $259.5 million domestically.

Check out Mockingjay's exciting trailer, below.