Michigan Police Spread Holiday Joy Handing Out Gifts During Traffic Stops


No one likes getting pulled over by the police for a traffic violation, but police in Lowell, Michigan are trying to raise spirits this holiday season by playing Santa.

For this heartwarming video, produced by UP TV, traffic officers in Lowell orchestrated a complex ruse in an effort to bring some holiday joy into the hearts of the city's residents.

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"Most of the contact police officers have with the general public is on a traffic stop," says Lowell Police Chief Steve Bukala. "And you can find out a lot about that person in that 10 to 15 minute window. Whether they're having a good day, a bad day or a horrible day… Then we got this idea: What if we could change that person's day in real time?"

How does one go about making someone's day better "in real time"? Well, when one of the Lowell police officers pull over a woman for her tinted windows, he strikes up a conversation with her about what her kids want for Christmas.

The driver tells him that she hasn't even had time to start shopping for presents, but her daughter wants Lego Friends. The officer relays the name of the toy to volunteers at a nearby toy store who pick up the present, wrap at light speed, and bring it to the officer.

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The officer then makes this driver's whole day better with wrapped gifts to give to her daughter.

Working all day, the police of Lowell managed to provide gifts to dozens of motorists across the city. Check out the uplifting video to see public servants working hard to make their city a happier place.

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