The Naked Rowers Teach Regular Guys How to Do the Perfect Pose


Because we are such good friends, we’re going to introduce you to our friends The Warwick Rowers. Sometimes called The Naked Rowers, because they have a habit of getting naked. Wonderfully, wonderfully naked.

Angus Malcolm / Warwick Rowers Media

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Even better, they get naked for a good cause: Every year, the Warwick Rowers shoot a naked calendar and donate a portion of the proceeds to Sports Allies, the organization they started to fight homophobia in sports.

So when you look at pictures like this:

Angus Malcolm / Warwick Rowers Media

You’re basically doing charity work. Good for you!

Five of the rowers — Tristan, Chris, Laurence, Thomas and Oliver — paid a visit to ET (yes, we know we’re #blessed) and, while we had them at our disposal, we decided it was time some of the dudes in the office learned how to pose.

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Thankfully, the rowers were up to the challenge. And thankfully, ETers Denny, Steve, and Ricardo were open to upgrading themselves.

Turns out, there’s just three easy steps to achieving the perfect pose:

STEP 1: Go to Shoulders.

Easier said then done. Be careful out there, people.

STEP 2: Keep Your Arms Down.

You look ridiculous with your arms up.

STEP 3: Do Not Smile.

“Look into the distance, above the camera, as if you’re celebrating a great victory.”

Boom. Perfect pose. This is actually the pose the Warwick Rowers do on the cover of their 2015 calendar. Here’s how our ET guys’ final pose compares to their cover shot. Nailed it!

Kind of.

Make sure you buy a copy of the Warwick Rower’s 2015 calendar here, and check out the video at the top to hear the guys talk about how they started posing nude and why they’re passionate about gay rights.

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