#RIPSammy: Justin Bieber's Dog Dies

Getty Images

Sad news for Justin Bieber. The pop star announced on Thursday that his adorable dog Sammy passed away. Bieber broke the news on Twitter, writing simply, "#RIPSammy." The 20-year-old singer's legion of fans immediately had the hashtag trending worldwide.

Bieber later posted a photo of himself and the cute pup to Instagram. He captioned the pic: "R.I.P. Sammy you were the best puppy ever."

The singer adopted the Papillon pup in 2008 after moving from Canada to Atlanta to pursue his music career.

"We moved to a city where we didn’t really know anybody, so I kind of wanted a friend around," Bieber told PETA 2 in a 2009 PSA. "Sam was kind of like that friend."

Sammy lived with Bieber’s grandparents once the singer’s fame mandated a more demanding schedule and increased travel. At least the singer can take solace that Sammy is in a better place after Pope Francis’ Friday announcement that, "Paradise is open to all of God’s creatures."

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