Taylor Swift Has the 'Best Birthday Ever' with Beyonce, Jay Z and More


Happy 25th birthday Taylor Swift!

Just hours after sending out her last message as a 24-year-old on Dec. 12th, Taylor Swift is sharing an inside look at the celebration.

The "Blank Space" singer turned 25 Saturday, Dec. 13, but she already partied with some famous friends.

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Look no further than this photo she posted on Instagram that shows her star-studded guest list included fellow artists Beyonce, Jay Z, Justin Timberlake and Sam Smith. Yes, that's Mr. JT behind that Doo Doo Head mask.

On Friday, Swift received a couple of special birthday shout outs.

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Music legend Aretha Franklin serenaded Swift during Billboard's Women in Music luncheon. Franklin's version of "Happy Birthday" left Swift so happy that she said, "It will take me decades to recover."

Gal pal Selena Gomez also had a creative way of wishing Swift a happy birthday. She posted this pic of her nail art with the letters "T & S" as two halves of a heart for her best friend's birthday weekend.

With great friends helping her celebrate, it's no wonder she's saying her 25th is her "best ever."

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