Martin Freeman Goes to 'The Office: Middle-Earth' on 'SNL'


Actor Martin Freeman has played Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit and Tim Canterbury in BBC's The Office but never together before until now.

Freeman, 43, hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and his Hobbit role Bilbo goes back to work in The Office. The crossover sketch called is called "The Office: Middle Earth."

Watch the hilarious spoof here. Although safe for Bilbo's office, this serves as a warning that some jokes in this clip may not safe for your work place.

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Bilbo talks about why he is there. He says, "I went on a quest and saved Middle Earth. I became a bit of a hero. Did the noble thing and turned down loads of treasure. Yeah, so the brave Hobbit Bilbo Baggins now works at a paper company."

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And yet, he works with people he knows but is quick to say, "You don't chose the people you work with."

In this case, his boss is the Wizard Gandalf (Bobby Moynahan), and even the evil creature Gollum (Taram Killam) from Lord of the Rings is there to take phone calls in his scary voice.

You can see Freeman in his real Hobbit environment when The Battle of Five Armies hits theaters on Dec. 17.