The 7 Most Adorable Moments Celebs Shared With Fans In 2014


These seven celebs sure know how to make their fans' days! While memorable for the fans, these moments were also adorable for everyone else to witness.

1.  Demi Lovato's fan is so excited to meet her that he proposes.

During a Demi World Tour stop in Moline, Ill. on Oct. 11, Grant gave the "Neon Lights" singer a poster that read "Demi I have a ring for you." And after getting called up on stage, the five-year-old got down on one knee to ask Demi for her hand in marriage. Of course the pop star said yes, telling him that she can't wait to see him at the wedding.

2.  Ed Sheeran surprises a young fan with adorable on-air duet.

When Aimee Keogh appeared on The Late Late Toy Show, she thought it was just to demonstrate how a new karaoke app worked. What she didn’t know was that it was all just a set up for Sheeran to surprise her with a duet of "Lego House." Thankfully, Keogh knew all the worlds and the two sang an adorable cover of the singer's hit single.

But that wasn't the end to the surprises, Sheeran also gave Keogh and her family a trip to London to see him perform, a signed copy of x, a teddy bear, and a Christmas jumper! Talk about a merry Christmas!

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3. Katy Perry turns baby from wailer to dancer.

Over the summer, Eva Baker posted a video of a fussy baby being brought to joy at the sound of Perry singing "Dark Horse." The pint-size fan not only has a smile but cranked out the dance moves in the short but totally sweet video.

Perry responded to this little fan saying that she's available for babysitting at a rate of $10 an hour and Oreos would make the deal even sweeter.


4. Kate Upton may be a supermodel, but she's still just a baseball fan at heart.

It's not every day a baseball game turns into a setting for romance. But when Detroit Tigers professional baller Justin Verlander threw a baseball to girlfriend Upton, she was so happy that she made all the fans around her even more jealous that she caught the ball and has a great catch of a guy too.

5. Taylor Swift photobombs fan's photo shoot, and it is amazing.

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While jogging in Nashville, the "Shake It Off" singer came across some girls getting their photos taken by professional photographer Sarah Bailey. It was then that Swift decided to take some quick pics with them turning their phot shoot into a star-studded affair! Of course, they struck all the same poses making it that much cuter.

6.  Pharrell Williams knows how to make his fan Holly 'happy.'

In October, as part of ITV's series, Surprise, Surprise, Holly was nominated to be surprised by her friend for all of the fundraising she did for charity after her dad passed away from a brain tumor. As a result, Williams came to a restaurant to serenade Holly when she was with her friends, and her reaction to seeing him was simply priceless. That hug was also pretty special!

7.  Chris Pratt surprises kids at a screening of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Proving that he's a superhero both on and off screen, Pratt turned up to a special screening of his hit Marvel film. Upon seeing him in person, 250 kids squealed in delight and started snapping photos. Before he left, he also shared a sweet personal and inspirational message to the kids in the audience who came from underprivileged backgrounds. "Take it from a kid who grew up having no money," he said. "If you stick to your path, and you believe in yourself and you be courageous enough to be yourself you can grow up, you can be your own Star-Lord."

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