Marissa Jaret Winokur Is Happier After 20-Pound Weight Gain


Marissa Jaret Winokur lost 60 pounds last year through exercise and a 1,200-calorie diet thinking she would be happier, but for her that wasn't the case.

"I lost my boobs all together. It was very depressing," Marissa told ET's Brooke Anderson. "I feel like I lost all my sexuality when I got so skinny."

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Marissa, who has a six-year-old son Zev with her husband of eight years Judah Miller, said that her intense workout regimen, affected her life at home as well.

"I was probably not a great mom," Marissa said. "I ignored my husband; I ignored my son; I ignored my friends. [My husband] stuck with it and my son still loves me. You know what? My son likes me picking him up from school more than he like me going to the gym."

Now, Marissa is co-hosting a new late-night talk show on TLC in January called All About Sex. The show's panel includes comedienne Margaret Cho, Chelsea Lately favorite Heather McDonald and relationship expert Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry. Each episode
will include observations on the week's "craziest sex-related news" and conversations about relationship challenges.

"I haven't told my husband I'm doing it," Marissa joked. "My poor husband ... I love him and he's such a great man and I would love to have sex with him, but I'm also like, 'You know what? We've been married for a hundred years. I have a six-year-old son who I'd rather cuddle with and I want to eat popcorn and I don't have time for sex.' That's the problem right?"

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