Robin Williams' Son, Zak, on Father's Death: 'I Miss Him All the Time'


Following the unexpected death of Robin Williams, the actor's oldest son Zak, 31, is still having a hard time coping.

In a new interview with People, Zak gives some insight into how he and his sister Zelda, 25, and younger brother Cody, 23, are still reeling from the loss of their father, who took his own life on Aug. 11 at age 63.

"I miss him all the time," Zak says. "Often I see something or if I'm watching a film, I think, 'Oh, man, he would have appreciated this' or 'He would have gotten a laugh out of this.'"

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"There's not a day that goes by that we don't think about our dad," he adds.

Zak now says he is dealing with the tragedy by honoring his father's spirit of giving back.

"It's through helping others that I've begun to heal," he says.

Zak echoed those sentiments when ET spoke to him in November at the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation fundraising gala in New York.

Robin's son attended the fundraising gala to take part in honoring his father, and celebrating his friendship with the late actor Christopher Reeve.

"We're doing okay. We're working hard to build our strength and acclimating to the new normal," he told ET about how he and his family have been holding up. "A large part of what we're doing through this grieving process is giving and spending time focusing on others."

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Watch the video above to hear Zak talk more about the outpouring of support they've received from Williams’ many fans.

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