Brad Pitt Dismissed From Jury Duty for Being 'Too Distracting'?!

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Did Brad Pitt just get out of jury duty because he's too famous?

According to London'sDaily Mail, the 51-year-old actor showed up to the courthouse in downtown Los Angeles last Friday to be interviewed as a potential juror, but, after hours of waiting, was dismissed for being too much of a distraction.

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"In most cases as soon as it’s discovered that a potential juror is a major celebrity, that person is dismissed, but that is not always the case," L.A. attorney William R. Lively told the Daily Mail.

Does Pitt even have time for jury duty? After all, with his new wife Angelina Jolie home sick with the chicken pox, the Fury star has been filling in for her on the red carpet. Just this week, Pitt took his kids to the Hollywood premiere of their mom's film Unbroken and offered ET an update on Jolie's health.

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"She's fine," he said. "She's a little polka dotted, she's like one of those connect the dots puzzles but her spirits are high and she's doing good."

Check out our chat with the A-list actor and let us know: Would you put Pitt on a jury?