Rob Lowe Tackles an Issue That Will Touch Your Heart


There comes a time in every child’s life when they have to sit down with mom and dad to have the talk. It can be awkward. It can be uncomfortable. But it’s necessary to talk about: Long term care.

What talk did you think we meant?

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We wouldn’t fault you if that wasn’t the first thing that came to mind. It’s not a “hot” issue that many stars are tackling or that many people think about, unless it’s already affecting their life, or they’re big fan of HBO’s Getting On.

Dubbed “the adult birds and the bees,” long term care is an issue Rob Lowe is trying to get people to talk about. And he and Maria Shriver start it by sitting down for a touching discussion for Genworth in which they both open up about their person experiences — Shriver’s mom suffered from strokes around the time her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Lowe talks about his own father and being a father to his kids.

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And, of course, they talk about how hot Rob Lowe is.

Watch the inspiring discussion between the two now:

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