Laverne Cox Receives the Best Christmas Card Ever from Beyonce

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Laverne Cox's holidays just got even brighter. 

The Orange is the New Black star received a Christmas gift from Beyonce in the mail, and she's sharing it with all of us.

Queen Bey gave Cox a "HAPPY HOLIDAYS" note complete with a picture of the singer and a sweatshirt that has her "Partition" lyrics "Cake by the pound."

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Cox, 30, captions the photo on Dec. 19 by saying that when she opened the card, she "fell to the floor" and that there were even witnesses who saw her on the floor of her apartment.

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Once her shock wore off, she admits, "I have had an awesome year and this is certainly a highlight."

She is thankful to Beyonce and not just for the card as she says, "Thanks for all the amazing music and endless inspiration you've given to me and so many over the past 16 years. Since No No No I have been saying YASSS YASSS YASSS! #QueenBey foever."

Beyonce just made Cox even more of a fan! To see more about the power Beyonce has, check out the video below.

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