Cristiano Ronaldo Unveils Bulgy, Bronze Statue of Himself

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Well, nobody ever accused soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo of being particularly humble, right?

The handsome 29-year-old athlete unveiled a 10-foot bronze statue of himself at the "CR7 Museum" in his hometown of Funchal in Portugal on Sunday, and the striking sculpture is something you just have to see to believe.

The behemoth monument features his signature faux hawk, and a particularly prominent bulge.

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Though all jokes aside, Sunday was a big day for Ronaldo, as he also received the prestigious "Cordão Autonómico de Distinção" award -- the highest distinction of Madeira.

He's also, of course, more than happy with his generous statue.

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In August, a shirtless, underwear-clad Cristiano participated in the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. Watch the video below to relive the phenomenon.

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