6 Celebs Reveal How They *SPOILER ALERT* Found Out Santa Was Not Real

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These celebrities remember the time that they found out a holiday secret.

Spoiler alert: Santa is not real, but everyone finds this out in their own way at different times. On the red carpets of the Hollywood Christmas Parade and KIIS-FM's Jingle Ball in Los Angeles, these six celebs told ET about the time they found out Santa Claus was not who they thought he was.

Karina Smirnoff

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At first, the Dancing With the Stars dancer expressed some shock that Santa was not real and joked, "I'm still waiting for Santa to come!" The 36 year old then shared her story.

"I'll tell you when I first realized he was not real. I kept asking my parents back in Ukraine. I remember hearing someone at the door so I ran downstairs, and I saw my dad. He was underneath the tree, and I said, 'Mommy, mommy, daddy ate Santa Claus!' I think that was very traumatic for me. I was a kid so at that point they had to sit me down and say Santa is very busy, and he can’t be everywhere at the same time so dad is taking over and helping him out, and I was like bullsh**!"

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Witney Carson

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Fellow DWTS champion Carson said she still believes in Santa – well, at least she did.

"I think I was about 8 or 9. I was actually devastated. I just loved Santa Claus. I believed in it so much, and my dad was like 'honey, he's not real,'" she said. "It got to the point where people would still make fun of me at school because I still believed in Santa Claus. They're like, 'Sweetie, we have to tell you the truth because you’re getting made fun of at school.' They were like, 'He's not real,' and I was like 'No!'"

Brandi Glanville

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The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills cast member vows she'll keep the Santa ruse going. Brandi, who has two sons, Mason, 11, and Jake, 7, said, "I'm telling my kids forever that he’s real." As for how she found out, she claimed, "I was like in ninth grade. I was old and devastated. I learned from kids in school."

Gina Rodriguez

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The Jane The Virgin star was ahead of her time when in came to knowing the truth about Santa. "I knew at 4 or 5. I was so nosey. I would look in the closets. I would look in the presents. I would stay up, and then I was like that ain't no Santa Clause, that's my daddy!" Her parents knew she found out, and "they were like 'Child, don't worry.'"

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Ian Ziering

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The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star said his parents were the ones to tell him. "I think I learned early on being raised Jewish," he said with a laugh. "I was envious of all the Santaisms that were going around."

Kate Lindner

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The  Young and the Restless actress revealed to ETonline that she knew the truth about Santa at a young age. "I found out that Santa was not real from my parents, and then I told the neighbor's girl that Santa was not real. The neighbor's parents got so mad, and my parents got mad at me for telling her."

Lindner could not be fooled: "I knew for a long time though as a kid even when I’d go see Santa to take pictures with him."

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