An Ode to Zac Efron's New Mustache

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Alert! Alert! This is not a drill! Zac Efron has a mustache!

This photo from last month, the month November of the year 2014, is how we’re used to our Zac Efron looking: Fairly clean shaven, with perhaps a dash of scruff. Perfect.

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Earlier this month, Joseph Gordon-Levitt tweeted out this selfie of our Zac Efron filming something for HitRecord On TV and sporting what appeared to be a ‘70s-style porn stache.

But was it real facial hair? Or just a fake mustache for the shoot?

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Last night, our Zac Efron was spotted at a Lakers game in L.A. with two notable acquaintances: girlfriend Sami Miro and THAT MUSTACHE. Our Zac Efron has a full on STACHE.

What’s he going for here? The classic Tom Selleck? A twist on the Freddie Mercury? A spot-on Red Barron Pizza guy? And is he growing it for a role, or because he thinks it looks good?

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For the record, some love it:

But most people haaaaaate it:

What say you? Do you love or hate Mustachefron?

And remember when Zac Efron did “The Wiggle”? Relive the glory here:

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