Meryl Streep and Ellen DeGeneres Recreate Oscars Selfie!


Meryl Streep nearly got cut out of another selfie thanks to her Into the Woods co-stars Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt.

The three ladies showed up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, and the daytime host brought up the fact that when she attempted a selfie with Streep at this year's Oscars, Bradley Cooper (and a slew of other stars) jumped in and nearly cut her out of the photo. In all fairness, it looks more like Ellen was blocking the actress.

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"I know Bradley Cooper! What a hog," Streep proclaimed.

As a consolation, Ellen offered to retake the selfie with the actress and her co-stars. However, upon the first take, Blunt and Kendrick both pulled a "Bradley Cooper" and posed right in front of Streep so she wasn't even in the photo!

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Finally, the girls got it right and managed to get everyone in the shot.


Seeing as selfies were so big this year (we're looking at you, Kim Kardashian), ET uncovered the secret to snapping the perfect selfie. Learn the tricks of the trade, below.

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