21 Puppies Who Are So Ready for Christmas


Twas the day before Christmas and all through the house, dogs are getting SO AMPED for tomorrow. Here are 22 pups that just can’t wait until Santa comes:

1. This dog who’s almost done decorating the Christmas tree.

2. And this pup, who has quite the collection of Santa tchotchkes.

3. This pup, who’s all hung up by the chimney with care.

4. And this little guy, who has hopes that St. Nick will soon he there.

5. This pup, who’s hoping that Santa might be hiring.

6. This dog, who often gets mistaken for Jolly Old St. Nick.

7. And this dog, who’s not convinced he’s NOT Santa Claus.

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8. This baby puppy, who’s definitely cuter than Santa is. No offense.

9. This dog, who wanted reindeer but worked with what he had.

10. This dog, who met the real Santa! He’s sure that he’s real!

11. This dog, who’s dressed to impress in her Christmas best.

12. This adorable puppy wearing an adorable Santa suit.

13. And this adorable puppy wearing an adorable Santa suit.

14. And THIS adorable puppy wearing an adorable Santa suit.

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15. This dog, who thinks Christmas is just the most magical time of the year.

16. This dog, who just wants to open his presents already.

17. This dog, who knows the sooner he goes to sleep the sooner he’ll wake up on Christmas.

18. This dog, who tried to stay up late to catch Santa but failed.

19. And this pup, who had one glass of egg nog too many.

20. This puppy, with visions of sugarplums dancing in his head.

21. And this dog who is TOOEXCITEDTOSLEEP!!! CHRISTMAS!!!

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