North West Meets Santa Claus


A child meeting Santa Claus is a moment to remember, and for Kim Kardashian's daughter, North West, her face says it all.

The reality star posted a picture with her husband Kanye West and their little 1-year-old North meeting not just any Santa but the very same one that Kim remembers.

Kim says it's the same Santa that has been coming to the Kardashians' Christmas Eve party since she was a kid.

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As her mom wrote, "North West is still warming up to Santa," but maybe that doll will help!

Although North may not be too thrilled about Santa, her mom was excited to share more pics of her during their holiday.

She posted black and white shots today.

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Here's one of the mother and daughter "best friend" duo.

And with this one, Kim shares holiday wishes from the West family.

Kim is hoping to expand her family with Kanye. See what she told ET about wanting another baby in the video below.