Taylor Swift Is 'Obsessed' With This Mashup of 'Style' and 'Blank Space'

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It's the mashup that's making Taylor Swift "obsessed" with her own music.

Louisa Wendorff and Devin Dawson took on both of her 1989 hits "Style" and "Blank Space" and sang them at the same time. In the acoustic cover, the only thing more beautiful than the park scenery behind them is the melody of their music.

The original "Style" and "Blank Space" singer liked it so much that she shared it with her fans on Twitter adding that she was "obsessed."

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Wendorff was overwhelmed by Swift's tweet, and she shared her shocked response.

On Facebook, the Nashville-based artist wrote, "I've been happy dancing all day and FREAKING OUT!!"

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Swift really knows how to make her fans' days, but when Swift is fan of yours, that looks like a whole different feeling!

Check out the video below to see what Swift says about her friends.

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