Too Fast Too Serious? Britney Spears Spoils Boyfriend Charlie Ebersol on His Birthday


Britney is in love again.

Britney Spears is certainly smitten with the new man in her life, writer/producer Charlie Ebersol.

Though the two have only been dating for two months, Charlie has already spent Christmas with Britney and her two sons Preston and Jayden, and now, might have just received an especially extravagant birthday gift from the 33-year-old pop star.

Britney posted these pictures of her and Charlie celebrating his 32nd birthday by riding a pair of horses on Tuesday, captioning the collage, "Birthday horses for my birthday boy."

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Though it's possible the two simply went on a riding trip, knowing Britney's past generosity, it wouldn't be far-fetched to believe that she actually purchased the animals.

She also gave him one very detailed movie-themed cake, complete with fake popcorn and film strips.

"I believe it's clear that I won the birthday cake war!" she wrote.

Britney's referring to her own birthday cake this year, which E! News reports Charlie himself personally designed and decorated with the help of Duff's Cakemix in Los Angeles.

Britney and Charlie started dating in November, shortly after the "Toxic" singer broke up with her ex-boyfriend David Lucado, who she's openly accused of cheating on her.  Ebersol is the son of former NBC Sports chief Dick Ebersol, and besides co-founding The Company -- an entertainment business that creates TV shows like USA's The Moment and TNT's The Great Escape -- he's also a filmmaker, which would explain Britney's extravagantly decorated cake.

Though despite their relatively short dating timeline, clearly, Charlie is fitting right in with the Spears family. Britney spent Thanksgiving with Charlie and her adorable sons, and recently posted this picture of the four celebrating Christmas in matching flannel on Instagram.

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