Mark-Paul Gosselaar Is Wearing One of His Zach Morris Ugly Sweaters


Mark-Paul Gosselaar makes an ugly sweater look good.

Zach Morris wore a lot of sweaters on Saved By the Bell, but looking back at them, they were not exactly the most fashionable.

The last time that, the actor who played Zach Morris, Mark-Paul Gosselaar donned an infamous sweater was in 1993 or so we thought, until now.

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A fan made a collage of Gosselaar using photos of him in different sweaters from that 1989-1993 time period and asked him if he would ever wear any of those again.

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His reaction? "I'm wearing one as a nighty right now." The image alone of the now 40-year-old wearing one of those to bed is priceless.

Gosselaar can next be seen on screen this year in Bus 657, a thriller with Robert De Niro and Kate Bosworth about a casino heist and the hijacking of a city bus. 

Go behind the scenes of Saved By the Bell in 1989 in the video below.

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