Watch Old People React to Kim Kardashian's Naked Pictures


Forgive these old(er) people for waiting until 2015 to get around to Kim Kardashian’s butt, but they’re...well, old. Hence the premise of this video: Elders React to Kim’s “Break the Internet” pictures.

(It’s by the same people who do those “Kids React To” videos you’re always seeing on your Facebook feed, but it’d probably be illegal to show kids these pictures.)

The Fine Bros.
recorded a handful of old folks reacting to Kim’s Paper magazine cover where she — as you surely remember — greased herself up and mooned the world. And the reactions are as hilarious as you’d expect:

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Like the rest of the world these elders have a loooooot of opinions about Kim. And a lot of funny facial expressions to go with those opinions:

Plus, no “Elders React” wouldn’t be complete without one dirty grandpa:


Kim may not have broken the Internet, but she rattled the retirement home.

Now, find out why 2014 was “kraziest” year to keep up with Kim K.:

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