Sophia Grace Goes Solo for 'Best Friends' Single


Sophia Grace Brownlee and her cousin Rosie McClelland have made an adorable duo on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for three years, but now Sophia Grace is going it alone.

In a new music video for her song "Best Friends," the 11-year-old sings, shops and puts on makeup with her a slew gal pals, none of which are her 8-year-old partner-in-crime Rosie.

The anthem is all about girl power as the ladies sing they "don't want no boys in here" while jumping on the bed, going on a K-Mart shopping spree and strutting on a runway.

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"I'm so excited to release this song as I think all girls can relate to the lyrics," Sophia Grace told "It's a great song to listen to with your friends at a party and it's real catchy for everyone to sing along, I had so much fun recording this song in the studio." 

This is pint-size rap queen's second single, her first being "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun." The adorable duo first hit it big on Ellen when they performed in bouncy pink tutus "Super Bass" in 2011.

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Their videos together on YouTube have millions of views, and now, Sophia Grace's solo music video is already at over 200,000 views in its first day.

Check out the video below to see what it takes to be a child star as ET goes inside an LA acting school for kids.

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