Wife's Surprise Photobooth Pregnancy Announcement Ends With Husband in Tears


Remember when that guy proposed to his girlfriend in a photobooth and captured the exact moment she realized she was being proposed to? This is the same thing, except with a pregnancy announcement. Which is better, because there is more happy crying.

Photographer Jessica Devins (who will inevitably be played by Amy Adams in the feature film adaptation of this YouTube video) surprised her husband Michael by holding up a little cap that says “baby” right before the camera snapped.


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Jessica says photobooths are a tradition that dates back to their first date. “Now we can’t walk past a booth without stopping,” she says. So he wouldn’t get suspicious, she says, “I actually started taping my iPhone to the front wall of photobooths to capture video of our silly faces a few months ago.”


Cue the waterworks. And our “awwwwwww”-ing.


You know we love a dad-to-be tearing up.

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Watch the surprise announcement now:

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