Happy Birthday Liam Hemsworth, The Ultimate Hollywood Bro

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Happy 25th birthday Liam Hemsworth!

Yes, Liam Hemsworth's a super-hunk, and yes, he is part of one of the most successful franchises (Hunger Games) in movie history. But we've also come to the conclusion that he's the ultimate bro.

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He’s that totally chill, go-with-the-flow, no drama type of guy, and really someone we’d like to kick back and enjoy a brewski with (that’s what bros call beer, right?). Here are all the reasons why:

He revels in the opportunity to get into a good ol' guy fight with his older bro (Chris Hemsworth).

He has lots of confidence and doesn't lack a sense of honesty.

He's famous, good-looking, and has an Australian accent that the ladies just love. Basically, his life is every frat guys' dream.

He's game to strapping on some heels and having a little fun.

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That look and that baseball tee is just…

He uses the term "fricken" conversationally.

His thoughts on close friend and Hunger Games franchise co-star Jennifer Lawrence.

What happens when J.Law asks him a COMPLETELY random question right before they call "action," during filming.

He's like Switzerland, always neutral.

Clearly he loves the gym, just look at those muscles!

His obsessions are … unique.

He's open about sharing facts about his personal life.

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He likes a good prank.

He loves a good deep V.

No matter what, the Hemsworth brothers always stick together.

Be sure to check out the video above to see some of Liam's best soundbites.

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