'Price Is Right' Announcer Wipes Out in Treadmill Fail


This will teach Price Is Right announcer George Gray to play on the prizes!

While announcing some prize options on Thursday’s game show, the man behind the signature booming "Come on down!" catchphrase wiped out in spectacular fashion.

Gray jogged backwards on a treadmill as he announced the potential prizes, which also included a motorbike and new oven. But when he reached the end of the treadmill and reached out to grab his script, he lost his balance, falling on his back and to the floor.

To his credit, Gray didn't miss a beat, continuing to read the prize details while lying on the floor. He concluded with the treadmill as he finally got back on his feet.

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The contestant and show models looked shocked and worried, but host Drew Carey couldn’t contain his reaction, ducking off-camera as he cracked up laughing.

"Right before we go to commercial break, I hope we have footage of George Gray falling off that treadmill," Carey joked. "Didn’t miss a word!"

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Price Is Right
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