No One Loves Their Job More Than This Guy in a Cow Costume Dancing in a Supermarket


They say if you love your job, you never work a day in your life. Not true. This guy dressed in a cow costume, dancing in a super market, seems to love what he does and he’s werking every day.

The cow in question is La Vaca Manchas, the official mascot of a Mexican dairy company named Alpura. And the song this particular cow is getting down to is “Bailan Rochas y Chetas” by Nene Malo.

Turn up, cow! Turn UP!

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Breaking it down is nothing new for Manchas. Check out these Vines:

Forget Senior Frogs, apparently the hottest dance floor in Mexico is the produce aisle of the grocery store. This cow is absolutely KILLING IT!

TGIF! Now back to your boring, not-dancing-in-a-cow-costume job.

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