Jordin Sparks Still Thinks Jason Derulo is a 'Great Guy' Despite Nasty Split

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Jordin Sparks
and Jason Derulosplit nearly four months ago, but the former American Idol starlet is still talking about the romance gone bad.

In fact, during an interview with Power 105.1 FM’s The Breakfast Club, Sparks, 25, spent almost 20 minutes talking about her ex and revealing details about what went wrong.

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“I haven’t spoken to him since everything went down,” Sparks shared on Thursday’s show, noting that the two had an argument the day things went sour. But despite the quarrel, the ‘Battlefield’ singer thought all was fine in paradise. “He helped me with my bag to the car, he kissed me, he told me he loved me...then didn't call! I'm like, 'We need to talk about this and move past it.' He wasn't responding and I was like, 'Okay,’ so then, I just stopped and I was like, 'You need to come get your s--t.' So he got all of his stuff out of my house."

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During the interview, Sparks also chatted about buying herself a Jeep Rubicon on her birthday last month -- a necessary purchase after ditching the BMW that Derulo, 25, had bought her, adding that keeping it "would be like dirty money." Only issue? She shared that the vehicle wasn’t actually purchased, that it was leased -- a piece of news she only discovered while at the dealership.

Derulo has clearly caught wind of the interview and he’s not happy. Just hours after Sparks’ interview, he posted a pic of the bill for the purchased car on Instagram, captioning it, “Women Lie, Men Lie, Numbers Don't Lie! #WhyLease#BreakfastClub.” Oh, and he also tagged Jordin. Yikes?!

The twosome called it quits after a three-year relationship and although several reports claimed it was Jordin’s desire to walk down the aisle that led to the break-up, she said that just isn’t true.

“I mean, I figured eventually, we had been together for three years but I wasn’t like ‘let’s get married now,’” she admitted. “We had conversations about it… it wasn’t a conversation where he didn’t talk, it was two-sided.”

And when the show hosts referenced Derulo’s hit ‘Marry Me’ which features his ex in the music video, she added, “He wrote [the song] for me! I didn't ask him to write it”

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Regardless of whether or not there’s bad blood between the pair, Sparks said she can “laugh about it now” before taking the high-road and wishing her ex the best.

"He's a great guy," she said of Derulo. "Like, I don't wish him any harm. He did some stupid s---, but I can't hold that against him."
Watch the video above to see all the juicy highlights!

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