Olivia Munn Believes Celebrity Selfies Are Overrated

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Olivia Munn thinks celebrity selfies are overrated.

The Newsroom star told Huff Post Live that the no-filter selfies are just a way for stars to say "I'm pretty," and the only reason for a selfie, is "to get more followers and likes."

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Though actors may have tons of followers on Instagram, that doesn’t always translate into a movie's box office gross or television ratings.

"If followers were the number one thing to getting a career, all the Kardashians would be in every big movie of the year," she said.

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So what does Munn have on her Instagram? She shies away from anything personal, but has posted cute pics of her rescue puppy, Chance.

As for the celebrities who humble-brag and post about their personal lives, she speaks the hard truth, "You can't put up so much, and then ask for your privacy."

Do you agree with Munn about selfies? Let us know using the hashtag #ETnow.

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