'American Sniper' Star Sienna Miller Blasts Sexism in Hollywood

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Miller addressed being the target of intense media scrutiny and the sexism that exists in show business.

Sienna Miller is having a stellar 2015, with roles in the Oscar-nominated American Sniper and Foxcatcher – not to mention seven other films slated for release this year. However, her career evolution hasn't exactly been easy when faced with inherent sexism in American media, she says.

In an interview with Variety, the 33-year-old actress and model opened up about the systemic sexism that exists even in "the upper echelon of journalism."

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"It’s completely sexist. It’s completely imbalanced. It’s insane," Miller said of Hollywood and the media. "I had an experience with the New York Times, where my ex-boyfriend Jude [Law] was doing a play on Broadway. They did a profile on him, and during the article referred to the fact that he had a relationship with me. The following week, the same newspaper did an article on me and referred to Jude as “a fling.” As if I was promiscuous, and all the connotations that come with that word."

Miller and Law, who met while shooting Alfie in 2003, got engaged on Christmas Day 2004. Their relationship became the focus of intense tabloid scrutiny when Law admitted to cheating on Miller with the nanny for Law’s children in 2005. After attempting to continue their relationship, Miller and Law eventually split in 2006.

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It was because of the spotlight on her private life that Miller eventually decided to take a break from acting.

"I’d been, not by choice, dissected by the media and exposed and all the things that really make it hard to be a good actor, or to be seen as characters, to disappear into something," Miller said. "I always had strong and pure intentions. But it was just being swallowed up by this tabloid animal."

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Miller is one of a number of stars to address the sexism they've faced in Hollywood, including Jennifer Garner who spoke to Elle about her experiences dealing with misogynistic press conference questions, and Taylor Swift who opened up about the backlash she's faced due to her lyrics about past relationships.

For a look at American Sniper, in which Miller plays the wife of the eponymous sharp shooter Chris Kyle, check out the video below.