An Artist Is Giving Bratz Dolls Drastic Make-Unders to Make Them Less Sexual


Barbie isn’t the only controversial doll in the biz. Bratz dolls, Barbie’s sexier, sassier, curvier counterpart — and yes, we know those are weird adjectives to use when describing a child’s toy — have come under fire in the past.


“Bratz dolls come dressed in sexualized clothing such as miniskirts, fishnet stockings, and feather boas,” the American Psychological Association wrote in a 2007 report. “Although these dolls may present no more sexualization of girls or women than is seen in MTV videos, it is worrisome when dolls designed specifically for 4- to 8-year-olds are associated with an objectified adult sexuality.”

(Bratz later said the focus of the dolls is friendship and “a passion for fashion,” and that they are actually intended for girls aged 10 to 18. To which we say, show us one 18-year-old with a Bratz doll.)

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One Australian artist is setting out to change that, one Bratz doll at a time, by giving them drastic make-under. “These lil fashion dolls have opted for a ‘tree change,’ swapping high-maintenance glitz 'n' glamour for down-to-earth style,” the artist explains.


“These dolls have been rescued and rehabilitated from op-shops and tip shops around Tasmania,” the artist continues. “I hand repaint the dolls faces, mold new shoes, and my Mum sews and knits their clothing.”


Gone are the giant lips with Kylie Jenner-amounts of lip liner. Gone are the sexy mini skirts and tank tops. The eyes, which are basically 95 percent make-up on the original, have to be completely repainted and the overly-plucked eyebrows made more natural.


Check out more of the made-under Bratz dolls here.

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