Jennifer Lopez Sees Herself as a 'Brave Warrior Princess' After Failed Marriages


At 45 years old, Jennifer Lopez is much wiser -- not to mention even more beautiful -- than she was when she first burst onto the scene in her twenties.

The Boy Next Door star proves this with a revealing new interview and photoshoot with Complex magazine. In the new issue, she gets candid about her famous relationships, feeling insecure and aging in Hollywood.

Seriously, just look at the these pictures.

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Though, as we all know by now, getting to this place in J.Lo's life hasn't been easy, especially when it comes to her famous romances. The actress-singer admits that her three failed marriages definitely affected her self-esteem.

"When my first marriage didn't work out, my second marriage didn't work out, and I was with Marc [Anthony] and I was trying to make it work, and that didn’t work out, it was devastating," Lopez says. "Each time I felt like such a failure, from what I'd been taught. 'OK, I failed. Why can’t I make this work?'"

"But it forces you to look at yourself in the best way possible," she now reflects. "I'm grateful for all those trials and tribulations because with that you gain perseverance and the desire to learn and grow. They're painful in the moment, but now I see myself as a brave warrior princess who keeps going no matter what, and who has learned to cherish the things that matter in life, which is finding my own happiness first and then being able to share that with not just people in my life but with the world."

And despite her flawless looks, it turns out even J.Lo has her insecurities.

"People are more surprised when they hear that somebody who is attractive is insecure. I don't understand that because, again, we're all human," she explains. "You try to do things that you're proud of to boost up your self-esteem and your integrity. At the end of the day, you're the only person who can give that to you. That’s something that everybody struggles with at one time or another. I'm no different than anybody else in that sense."

Jennifer also touches on the downside of fame with the magazine, stressing that money doesn't exactly buy happiness.

In fact, mo money, mo problems.

"Oh! When you become rich and famous, you don't have feelings anymore?!" she says about the common notion that being a celebrity is the trade-off for incidents, such as last year's nude photo hacking scandal. "It's not about having money in the bank. You can have all the money in the world and it doesn't mean you’re a happy person. Money doesn't solve problems. It makes some things easier but it just gives you a different set of problems. Everything has a trade-off in this world. I've learned that from being broke as hell and having money."

Now, Lopez is definitely in a better place -- and happy to be older and wiser in Hollywood.

"I feel great about being able to do everything that I did in my 20s better now," she says. "That's what happens as you mature, you get better. You have more experience. And I’m proud of that. ... And it's great for girls that are young right now to go, 'I have time.' It's a long road. And for me, I feel like mine has just begun."

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Jennifer has been speaking out about sexism in Hollywood lately, recently slamming the "cougar" label during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, stemming from her previous relationship with 27-year-old Casper Smart.

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