Cop Convinces His Girlfriend She's Getting Arrested in Worst 'Perfect' Proposal Ever


Well this is one (kind of terrifying) way to get engaged...

Greg Parris
, of the Galveston Police Department in Texas, found a very, uh, unique way to propose to his girlfriend, Sarah Wolff: He had one of his cop buddies pull her over and tell her she had a broken tail light.


The cop convinces her she had outstanding warrants and needs to step outside her vehicle. He radios in their lieutenant for backup and it's all so realistic that Sarah starts crying. Aww, how romantic!


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The lieutenant even calls Parris to see if he wants Sarah handcuffed. Parris declines, thankfully. Eventually, he shows up, gets down on one knee and pops the question. Thankfully again, she says yes — “[Or] she might have gone to jail somehow,” Parris tells KHOA with a laugh, though we’re pretty sure he’s capable of it, on account of he just “pranked” his poor fiancée into thinking she was being arrested.


“This is my number one all-time traffic stop by far,” Parris says.

Watch the entire proposal via KHOA 11 News:

“I can’t imagine being proposed to any better than that,” Wolff says. “It was perfect for us.”

And for their honeymoon, he’ll have her thrown in the drunk tank.

Meanwhile, One Direction is helping people propose at their concerts:

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