Johnny Depp Admits That He's 'Weird'

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Johnny Depp is renowned for his ability to embody strange characters with diverse and bizarre personalities, and his reputation for being a bit eccentric in his real life precedes him.

At the premiere of his new comedy Mortdecai, at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Depp talked to ET correspondent Jason Dundas, and admitted that he's a little odd.

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When asked about whether his daughter Lily-Rose worked with him to develop his Mortdecai character – the way she previously helped him in figuring out how he would play Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Depp said he didn’t get her assistance this time around.

"She was probably too embarrassed to help me with another character," Depp said, smiling. "She thinks her dad's weird."

"Oh, come on," Dundas offered. "Her dad's an artist."

Laughing, Depp replied, "Uh, her dad's weird, I think."

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Weird or not, Depp has created some of the most memorable and iconic characters to ever appear on screen. From Jack Sparrow and Ed Wood to Sweeney Todd and Edward Scissorhands, Depp has always managed to find ways to fuse a unique and indelible charisma into every role.

So how exactly does he manage to pull that off?

"I think with any character you've got to put some of yourself in there," Depp explained. "But mostly, it's kind of nice just to not have to be yourself sometimes."

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In Mortdecai, Depp plays a charming, roguish, mustachioed art dealer who must face off against Russian gangsters, terrorists and the British Mi5 to find a vitally important piece of stolen art. The film hits theaters Jan. 23.

Check out the hilarious trailer for Mortdecai below.

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