James McNair's Kids Open Up About Walmart Settlement in Crash That Injured Tracy Morgan

"We're as satisfied as you can be," son Jamel tells ET's Brooke Anderson.

Comedian James McNair was killed in the car crash that left Tracy Morgan hospitalized over the summer. James left behind two children, 19-year-old daughter Denita and 26-year-old son Jamel, who opened up to ET's Brooke Anderson about the settlement they reached with Walmart on Wednesday.

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"The amount of money was more money than could have reasonably been anticipated to have been recovered under the law," attorney Daryl Zaslow told ET.

"We're as satisfied as you can be," Jamel added.

"I think [my dad] would be satisfied knowing that we’ll be financially stable," Denita agreed.

While driving on the New Jersey Turnpike on June 7, a Walmart tractor-trailer struck a vehicle carrying both James and Tracy. While the financial settlement may take care of the monetary void created in their father's absence, nothing could fill emotional role that he played in their lives.

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"Nothing could ever take the place of my father," Jamel said. "That closeness that we had with him and that guidance that everyone needs from their parent -- we no longer have that."

Neither Jamel nor Denita have been in contact with Tracy recently, but they do plan to spend time with him when he's healthier.

"I know that he's going through a lot in recovery and when he gets better and he's able and willing, we'd like to have a conversation with him and just know that he's okay."