Willow Smith Posted a 'Topless' Photo on Instagram and Everyone Freaked Out

The 14-year-old singer posted a pic of her wearing a semi-risque turtleneck, but many on the internet did not approve.

Willow Smith is stirring up controversy again.

On Wednesday, the 14-year-old daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith posted a "topless" photo online. However the nudity in the photo isn't Willow's, rather it's an image on her vintage Jean Paul Gaultier shirt.

The position of the nude image on the sweater is clearly intended to make it look, at first glance, as if the were naked - or possibly wearing intricate body paint. But in reality, the underage singer wasn't showing any skin at all.

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This hasn't stopped people from freaking out about the photo. The backlash against the post was strong enough to prompt Willow to delete the photo from her account, but the image has since been reposted by several accounts.

This isn't the first time the "Whip My Hair" singer has whipped up controversy. In May 2014, a photo surfaced online of Willow, then 13, lying in bed with a shirtless 20-year-old actor, Moises Arias.

While many thought the photo looked sexual in nature, Jada Pinkett Smith denied these claims, telling Us Weekly, "Here's the deal. There was nothing sexual about that picture or that situation… You guys are projecting your trash onto it."

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In November, Willow and her brother Jaden, 16, made headlines for their bizarre interview with The New York Times Style publication T Magazine. During the Q&A, she made several interesting claims including, "There're no novels that I like to read so I write my own novels, and then I read them again," and, "This [reality] is a fragment of a holographic reality that a higher consciousness made."

Despite being 14, it's clear Willow knows how to push people's buttons and make a statement. With this "topless" Instagram post, it seems like she's just interested in seeing what happens when she pokes the bee hive of internet outrage with a stick.

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Willow isn't the only star making waves on Instagram. Recently, Chelsea Handler posted actual topless photos as part of a protest against the site’s nudity policy, which Handler claims is "sexist." Check out the video for a look at Handler’s controversial Instagrams.