Miley Cyrus Talks Justin Bieber Stealing Her Look: "He Went and Got the Miley!"

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She’s just being Miley when it comes to her friendship with Justin Bieber – or is she?

In our new sit down with the 22-year-old star, Miley Cyrus joked about consistently poking fun of her famous pal, exclaiming, “That's ‘cause I am Justin Bieber!”

She might just be on to something, especially now that the Biebs has gone super blonde. “I did see Justin the other day and I thought I was looking at a mirror and then I realized that it was Justin Bieber!” Miley joked.

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“He had my exact hair! Which we all know I've had for a minute,” she added, noting that he was clearly inspired by her now famous 2012 haircut. "He went and got the Miley cut.”

It all makes so much sense now. “My double life, I never was ever Hannah [Montana],” she teased. "I was always just Justin Bieber and that was my decoy to avoid the fact that I'm actually Justin Bieber." 

This isn’t the first time Miley’s given Bieber a hard time. She first did a hilarious impression of him on Saturday Night Live in 2011 on the now famous skit series, “The Miley Cyrus Show.” Biebs paid the favor back during his own 2013 SNL appearance and also pranked her on his Punk’d reboot.

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More recently, Miley — who also opened up to ET about the thought process behind her often NSFW Instagrams -- joked around with Bieber when she posted several pics of his new Calvin Klein campaign photos – complete with her own Photoshop magic.

But Miley assured us it’s all done light-heartedly, sharing she would love to see JB take a shot at her new campaign for MAC Cosmetics.

“I would love to see him in his Calvins wearing Viva Glam,” she excitedly said before sending the “Boyfriend” singer a message. “We need as much attention on this amazing product and cause as possible, so this is a personal call out to Justin to do that.” Watch the video above to see more of what Miley had to say about Bieber.

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As for what drastic look Miley has planned for the future that we may or may not also see on Justin?

“I don't know,” she answered. “The thing with short hair, when I saw him, he said, 'I'm growing my hair out.' I said ‘Yeah, me too.’ But it's not as quick as you would think. Hair when you’re like bleaching it… it's hard! Luckily for me, I'm a fan of wigs.”

Mi-Cy did tease that we could be seeing her with some purple or blue locks in the future, also revealing, “I wish my hair would grow silver…. Every time I wear my Mylar wig I get so upset that your hair can't look like that.

To see Miley candidly open up about her sometimes negative reputation in the media – watch the video below.

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