Patriots Coach Makes 'My Cousin Vinny' Reference at Deflategate Press Conference

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The classic film My Cousin Vinny has just been used to explain football!

On Saturday, the Patriots' coach Bill Belichick addressed the "Deflategate" controversy surrounding underinflated balls used in the AFC Championship game last week.

In the press conference, he said his team "followed every rule, to the letter" and that he's "not a scientist, not an expert in football."

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He went on to say that he's "no Mona Lisa Vito," a reference to Marisa Tomei's character in My Cousin Vinny as she had an impressive car knowledge and showed off her expertise when she was put on stand.

Belichick said that this is the last time he's going to talk about Deflategate, but on Twitter, My Cousin Vinny is trending with his reference.

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It looks like he managed to draw away some attention from the actual controversy and got people excited to watch a movie instead!

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