Lindsay Lohan Credits Her Calvin Kleins for Helping Fight Off Rare Virus


Lindsay Lohan is posing in Calvin Klein underwear, but is she Photoshopping?

Lohan took a selfie on Saturday to credit her Calvin Kleins for helping her with Chikungunya, a rare mosquito-borne virus that she reportedly contracted while vacationing in Bora Bora.

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And while some think she can join Bieber in modeling the brand's underwear, others accused her of digitally altering her snap just like Beyoncé was criticized for with her thighs.

One of the comments reads, "Photoshopped... Soaps are on angle. Bad job. Lol."

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The illness that Lohan Instagrammed about reportedly left her in the London hospital with a high fever and joint pain. The joint pain may last up to several months, but for now, Lohan looks to be in good spirits!

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