This Wrong 'Wheel of Fortune' Answer Kept Getting Repeated and Repeated


Persistence is often the key to winning a game, but on Wheel of Fortune, it doesn't always pay off.

It was a classic case of contestants mistakenly guessing the wrong answer twice. When the first contestant Lindsay tried to solve the puzzle with "the pointed desert" but got it wrong, the next contestant didn't seem to get it when he tried to win with the same answer.

Though still wrong, James didn't give up hope. When he discovered he still had time, he guessed "pointed desert" once more!

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No matter how many times James guessed it, host Pat Sajak told him it still wasn't right.

After the third contestant Kelly guessed the correct answer - "the painted desert" - Sajak was still in disbelief over James' multiple attempts. He joked, "I was just going to give him 'Pointed Desert.' He was so insistent!"

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