Blake Shelton Is a Hilarious Bachelor on 'SNL'


Women are fighting over Blake Shelton!

On Saturday Night Live, Blake Shelton not only hosted and performed, but he spoofed farmer Chris Soules as The Bachelor. Soules is a farmer from Iowa, and Shelton takes on the role in Farm Hunk.

The parody makes fun of how the women just want to steal him away for a second and how he asks them to open up about themselves. As the contestants are from Hollywood and work in the porn industry, he tells them that they're going to have to move to Iowa where it's "really ugly and stinky." He makes himself seem unappealing by saying he’ll be gone for long stretches of time and that they won't have any friends.

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The Bachelor has been called into question for its lack of diversity before, and Shelton even takes that issue on as he tells one of the black women, "Would you be cool with never seeing another black person again?" In the parody, he went even further: "There's so many beautiful girls here, but I have to send three of them home. Probably the two black girls plus one of the curly haired ones."

And yet in spite of all of the jokes, SNL'sBachelor spoof had some truth to it as the women were portrayed as desperately wanting the bachelor's attention after only two weeks. Look no further than the funny example of a woman trying so hard to have the same interests that she brought out spaghetti, a Macaw bird and a torch to weld metal together with him. Although an extreme example, this season of the real Bachelor brought out some women who are pulling out all the stops for Soules!

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Check out our video with the real Bachelor Chris Soules below.

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