Miss Colombia, Paulina Vega, Crowned Miss Universe!

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The galaxy has a new Miss Universe!

Miss Colombia, Paulina Vega, has been given the crown, beating out other gorgeous contestants from over 85 countries – including Miss USA, who came in second.

Vega, 22, is a business administration student from Barranquilla, Colombia. The gorgeous pageant winner was clearly excited to take home the crown after months of competitions, but she has also said she doesn't plan on participating again in the future, as she wants to finish her studies.

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Vega did an amazing job of looking regal and striking in all of the evening's various ensembles, including this form-fitting silver gown.

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…And this dark purple bathing suit, which she wore during the swimsuit portion of the festivities.

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At the end of the night, the competition came down to Vega, 24-year-old Miss USA Nia Sanchez, and 20-year-old Miss Ukraine Diana Harkusha -- all of whom looked equally worthy of the Miss Universe title as they stood side-by-side on stage, waiting for the announcement.

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Sanchez was named first runner-up and Harkusha was given the second runner-up title. Miss Jamaica, Kaci Fennell, and Miss Netherlands, Yasmin Verheijen, were the other finalists that made it to the top five. However it was ultimately Vega who was given the giant crown (and the surprisingly underwhelming bouquet of flowers) making her the new Miss Universe!


Sorry Miss USA! We all think you're incredibly beautiful, if that is any consolation.


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