Vine Star Asks Selena Gomez to Prom in Epic Dance Video

High school teen asks Selena Gomez to prom

If you’re going to try and get Selena Gomez to go to prom, you have to go big, right?

Well that’s exactly what Cole LaBrant did.

The senior from Enterprise, Ala. spent 10 days making an over-the-top, hilarious promposal video complete with lip syncing to Selena’s songs -- and even a few from her BFF Taylor Swift

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Cole also showed off his serious dance moves in corn fields, on train tracks, and in one number that involved a boy band routine. And we can’t forget to mention the beach scene of him confessing his love for Selena while drawing her name in the sand.

For those who are Internet-savvy, you may know Cole is part of the popular Vine group, Dem White Boyz, which have over 5 million followers, so naturally they had to make a Vine about the prom.

Selena must be very popular with high school kids because this isn't the first time the songstress has been asked to go to prom. In 2010, another teen rapped about the 22 year-old in an effort to get a date.

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Maybe Cole will get the date of his dreams, because a few lucky seniors have gotten the attention of their celebrity crushes.

A Miley Cyrus super fan asked the singer to prom and got to meet her in concert instead. And Kate Upton surprised Jake Davidson with a phone call following his prom video and while the lucky teen didn't get the Sports Illustrated model as his date, he did have supermodel Nina Agdal on his arm for prom.

And if making a video isn't your thing, you can also pay Katy Perry’s MTV VMA date Riff Raff to take you to prom for only $28,000.

Watch the video above to see his hilarious video and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Cole gets a response from Selena. Let us know if you think she’ll go with him to prom in the comments below.

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