Ellen Snaps a Birthday Selfie With Music's Biggest Superstars


Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Sam Smith all stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to celebrate the comedian's 57th birthday.

Ellen had one hell of a birthday!

For the host's spectacular b-day show, she was visited by three music megastars: Kanye West, Sam Smith and Justin Bieber.

Ellen, who turned 57 on Jan. 26, snapped a selfie with the stars behind the scenes. It wasn't filled with quite as many celebs as her famous Oscar selfie, but it’s still awesome to see stars smiling together.

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Well, not all of them were smiling. Kayne had an ear to ear grin, and even the famously morose Smith gave a subtle grin, but Justin couldn't help but try and look cool.

Of course, his stony demeanor might have had something to do with his nerves. In a video Bieber posted to Facebook, the "Boyfriend" singer admitted that he had been incredibly nervous while filming the episode because he "was afraid of what people [were] thinking" about him, and he didn't want to come off as "arrogant."

While this selfie might not help with that, the pop star did send a few heartfelt tweets to Ellen wishing her a happy birthday and apologizing for his nerves.

Even Kanye managed to crack a smile, and he just suffered a major loss in his life: his baby daughter flushed his phone down the toilet!

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But to be fair, Kanye must be pretty used to selfies at this point, being married to Kim Kardashian. She’s even making fun of her selfie obsession in T-Mobile’s Super Bowl ad.

That being said, it's still fun to see three music megastars hanging out, celebrating, and being happy.