Watch This Amazing Weatherman Keep Cool While A Map Malfunction Shows Apocalyptic Temperatures

FOX 10 Phoenix

It gets pretty hot in Arizona, but thankfully residents this week were not subjected to any high AF temperatures or signs of sure apocalyptic doom. There was however, a malfunctioning weather map over at Fox 10 Phoenix, that might have made some residents skip the usual morning coffee to say... dive into the nearest possible freezer, weeping and praying to anything, ANYTHING they still believe in.

Remember how EVERYTHING was 'Frozen' in 2014? Well according to this weather map, the situation in Arizona is basically the opposite.

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Enter clutch weatherman Cory McCloskey, unphased by the unspeakably horrific temperatures, who stepped in to help panicked residents laugh off the alarming forecasts. Watch below.

He didn't even authorize an official evacuation of Ahwatukee...

FOX 10 Phoenix

There WAS some bad news for Cave Creek, and Fountain Hills.

FOX 10 Phoenix

And God help the residents of Wickenburg.

FOX 10 Phoenix

PROTIP: You could beat the 2960 degree heat in Cave Creek by heading South to Deer Valley, where the temperature hit a much more comfortable 65 degrees.

On Fox's Good Day New York, McCloskey admits he doesn't know what caused the malfunction, but says, "I had about a half second to think, 'this is really going to be fun.'"

So if rogue weather maps can't throw McCloskey off his game, what does blow his mind? Trending on Facebook.

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Have a drink, Cory, you've earned it. Just stay the hell out of Wickenburg.

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